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Alive At O'Connor's   | ZoDog Records   | 2004

This was recorded in the basement studio of my friend Brian David Willis in Nashville. Done in just a couple days tossing musical ideas around. Very sparse and mostly acoustic. The songs were written around 2006 as I recall. My recollection of that time is a bit hazy. The title is a cryptic reference to my favorite venue O’Connor’s in Portland, OR. The photo is of a honky tonk close to where I lived in Nashville.


“John is one of the most gifted singer-songwriters and guitar players I’ve had the pleasure of working for many years. Always digging for some new musical rabbit hole to crawl into.”

Brian David Willis

Sound Engineer/Editor, Musician

(Brad Paisley)

John Bunzow: Co-Producer, Vocals and Guitars.
Brian David Willis: Co-Producer, Drums, Bass & Percussion.
Tim Lauer: Keyboards.


Recorded live at O'Connors, Portland, OR

All songs written by John Bunzow except "Far Away From Here" by John Bunzow & Odie Blackman.