Concrete Paradise – Quotes

“John Bunzow’s latest disc, “Concrete Paradise,” has elements of blues, country, rock, and even jazz. You can call it Americana, or you can call it roots music. It may, for example, bring to mind songwriters and artists like Steve Earle, John Hiatt, or maybe Dave Alvin. Those are righteous comparisons because John’s talents are definitely on par alongside those well-known musicians. But however it may come across to you, there is only one word that is most fitting for a true description, and that word is wow!”

“This is definitely one of those “wow” recordings, filled with stories within the songs that you’re going to want to be told repeatedly. Recorded in Nashville with “friends and friends of friends” it delves into personal experiences, both true and from his own imagination as a writer. From tracks like “What Are We Doing Here,” “Mercy Undone,” “I Will Be Damned” and the title track “Concrete Paradise”, there’s a lot of depth to be found here and it’s all great — not just those mentioned, but every number included.”

“Personally, “Concrete Paradise,” is a disc that I cannot stop listening too. Everything about it in my mind is pure perfection, from the lyrics to the instrumentation to the overall delivery. This is a master go-to recording from a master musician. Recommended? Hell yes!”

Greg Johnson

President, Cascade Blues Association