Counterfeit Salvation

ZoDog Records

John’s newest recording done in 2016. Subterranean Americana. A wide range of styles and influences. After a long layoff from writing and recording, this record has John treading on some new musical turf.

Musicians on this recording and a few of their career credits:

John Bunzow: Co-Producer, Vocals and Guitars.
Brad Jones: Co-producer, Bass and Arranger (Hayes Carll, Ron Sexsmith, Allison Moorer).
John Jackson: Guitars (Bob Dylan, Shelby Lynne).
Pat McLaughlin: Guitars (John Prine).
Dan Dugmore: Lap and Pedal Steel Guitars (James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Warren Zevon, Glenn Frey).
Paul Griffith: Drums (Pat McLaughlin, Kevin Gordon).
Derek Mixon: Drums and Percussion (Chris Stapleton).
Fred Eltringham: Drums and Percussion (Sheryl Crow, Wallflowers).
Jim Hoke: Horns (NRBQ).
Avery Bright: Strings (Ray Price).
Jimmy Hall: Background Vocals and Harp (Jeff Beck, Wet Willie).


Recorded at Alex The Great Studios, Nashville, TN

Miss My Whiskey
(John Bunzow)

Hungover again feelin’ half dead
Run over by a truck you can see the tread
I done spent half of my paycheck
Wonder what crazy things I said
Now I’m singin’ a drunkards lament
Guess it’s time for me to repent

Gonna miss my whiskey
Like my old dog Lester
The Coupe de Ville I wrecked in September
Rosalee the shapely bartender
And a few things I don’t remember

Doctor worried about my consumption
Look like I took a left hook from Mike Tyson
My mind burned out like a cigarette
Mem’ry fried like a Waffle House omelet
Still gotta a stash of California weed
Gonna smoke me a cloud of serenity


Gotta cut the juice loose
Or baby gonna leave me
Pissin’ her off is mighty risky
Bein’ dignified ain’t gonna be easy

I’m sure gonna miss my whiskey
Yes I’m sure gonna miss my whiskey

Hung over again
Feelin’ half dead

Counterfeit Salvation
(John Bunzow)

Shiney man on your television
Sellin’ autographed benedictions
A preacher of such conviction
The Las Vegas showroom rendition
Donations spare you from damnation
Counterfeit salvation

The news is bumper sticker quotations
Pretty faces recite dictations
Dumb it down spin the presentation
Advertisers write the narration
Sellin’ instant gratification
Counterfeit salvation

There’s a new drug to help you relax
A pill for weight loss and a bad back
We’ll hook you up with the real smack
Get a taste and you’ll be comin back
Doctors peddlin’ healin’ medications
Counterfeit salvation

Family values your sacred advice
But senator you sure got appetites
Hookers and bag money on the side
You’re a pimp and a whore at the same time

Wall street back door deal maker
Your heart attack a real deal breaker
You can’t bribe no undertaker
Gold coffin ain’t shit to gravediggers
The devil’s got leverage in this situation
He’s gonna get his compensation
He sold it you bought it pay up
Counterfeit salvation

Unwind This Tailspin
(John Bunzow)

Darlin’ I know I’ve done this before
Wild dogs come howl at my door
I put the devil’s crown on my head
Follow him around until I’m half dead
Drinkin’ poison to quench my thirst
Sure goes down easy at first
Got to unwind this tailspin
And get on home to you

Temptation lures me up to the ledge
Sometimes I slip over the edge
I used to think I could fly
Now I crash land ev’ry time
It sure is a long way down
Till my feet are back on the ground
Got to unwind this tailspin
And get on home to you

Darlin’ please leave the porchlight on
The wild blue yonder is getting’ colder
Baby I’m comin’ back home

Like a hell hound chasin’ his tale
I go round and round the same worn out trail
Movin’ fast as a runaway train
Only cinders and ashes remain
I always run outta track
Before I’m too far gone to get back
Got to unwind this tailspin
And get on home to you

Got to unwind this tailspin
Get on home to you

“John was in Portland and I was in Nashville, so we started working long-distance. Trying to get to know each other and figure these songs out. My first clue to who John is was the 9×12 scuffed up manila envelope that showed up in my actual mailbox (not the virtual one). Inside was a real CD (not an iCloud link), with real songs, and many dog-eared pages torn out of a yellow legal-pad, and in John’s scrawl his personality coming through – funny, insightful, slap-dash, and humble. The record was already feeling real, and we hadn’t even started.”

“And that’s how it went from there – four or five musicians in a room, some just met, playing the way the moment tells them to, getting to know each other through the groove, the way the best musicians do. Without a click track telling them to behave, without a suit in the corner telling them what would sell. From John’s point of view, goddammit he had earned this moment, and was going to enjoy it. And the joy shows, does it not? Just put on the first couple bars of “Detour,” you’ll see what I mean…”

Brad Jones

Producer, Engineer, Musician.
(Hayes Carll, Chuck Prophet)

“It was a pleasure playing guitar on John’s new CD. Authentic and soulful songs. Hope I get to do it again!”

John Jackson


(Bob Dylan, Shelby Lynne)

“At last, new music from my ol’ buddy and it’s just what I would expect! Honest and gritty. John is in fine form from songwriting, singing, playing to producing. A great listen from top to bottom. John continues to make great music!”

Tammy Rogers King

Violin, vocals.

(2015 Grammy winners the Steeldrivers)

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