Alive At O'Connor's

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This was recorded in the basement studio of my friend Brian David Willis in Nashville. Done in just a couple days tossing musical ideas around. Very sparse and mostly acoustic. The songs were written around 2006 as I recall. My recollection of that time is a bit hazy. The title is a cryptic reference to my favorite venue O’Connor’s in Portland, OR. The photo is of a honky tonk close to where I lived in Nashville.

John Bunzow: Co-Producer, Vocals and Guitars.
Brian David Willis: Co-Producer, Drums, Bass & Percussion.
Tim Lauer: Keyboards.


Recorded live at O'Connors, Portland, OR

Brother Dave
(John Bunzow)

He blew in from South Dakota
Like some wild cosmic wind
A man always in motion
His energy made the whole world spin

Goodbye my brother David
Goodbye my brother Dave
Goodbye my brother David
Gonna be with you again
Some fine day

A poet a prophet a prankster
Holding court in O’Connor’s bar
How I miss those spontaneous ramblings
Fractured philosophies razor sharp


Twist one up and let’s hit the road
In that big fine Cadillac car
Singin’ those Bob Marley reggae tunes
Down ev’ry back road near and far


Ashes floating down the river
To the Neah Kahnie Bay
Great spirits fill those waters
They will gently carry you far far away
My brother
Goodbye my brother Dave

Twist one up and let’s hit the road
In that big gold Cadillac car
Singin’ them Peter Tosh reggae tunes
Down ev’ry back road near and far

Goodbye my brother

I Want Some More
(John Bunzow)

Where did you come from
And how did you know
Just what my heart’s been longin’ for
It’s the feelin’ I get
When you walk through my door
Hey baby I want some more

Just about the time
I lost all faith
You said the words
I needed someone to say
Your whisper echoes deep inside my soul
Hey darlin’ I want some more

Maybe a little bit just might do
But I just can’t get enough of you
Each taste is sweeter than the one before
Hey baby I want some more
Hey darlin’ I want some more

All my yesterdays were lonely and blue
Now I just can’t wait
To come on home to you
Come lay down with me
And let’s take it real slow
Hey baby I want some more


‘Cause I know a little bit will never ever do
Hey darlin’ I need all of you

Sunshine Somewhere
(John Bunzow)

My dreams all got washed out
In this cold grey heartbreak town
Rains came down like a tidal wave
Next thing I knew I was lyin’ face down
Let some silver wings deliver me
To where the sky is clear all day
Need a southbound one way ticket
To get me outta this rain

I know there’s sunshine somewhere
I can see it on my tv screen
I can almost feel it’s warm glow
Lookin’ at some travel magazine
Yes I know there’s sunshine somewhere
It’s burned into my memory
Sunshine somewhere ev’ry day she was with me

Hello operator will you help connect this call
Excuse me while I ramble
But I ain’t quite sure where it is she’s gone
Think she’s out in California
I gotta a post card back in ‘99
Where the sky was on fire with the sun so bright
It melted my cold heart in the blink of an eye


Let me walk with her on blue sky
High above these dark clouds
That cover me in shadows
Dark rain fallin’ all around


How Did I Get Here
(John Bunzow, Zack Simpson)

Drivin’ down the road
Late last night
Lookin’ for some sign of life
Railroad crossin’ flashin’ lights
But no train ever came by

How did I get so far away
From where I thought I’d be today
How did I get here
How did I get here
How did I get here
How did I get here

The ground shook like an earthquake
I woke up in a strange place
Got in my car and headed north
Ended up at this crossroad


I used to feel like I stood on top of the world
But life looks different back down here on earth
Somethin’ is pullin’ me
Somethin’ is pushin’ me on
To a place where I’m supposed to go
How did I get here


“John is one of the most gifted singer-songwriters and guitar players I’ve had the pleasure of working for many years. Always digging for some new musical rabbit hole to crawl into.”

Brian David Willis

Sound Engineer/Editor, Musician

(Brad Paisley)

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