Off the Shelf

ZoDog Records

This is a compilation of song demos that John recorded for EMI and Famous Music Publishing Companies recorded in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Leans more towards country rock and stone country music with some blues influences.

Musicians on this recording and a few of their career credits:

John Bunzow: Co-Producer, Vocals and Guitars.
Brian David Willis: Co-Producer.
Chad Cromwell: Drums (Neil Young, Mark Knopfler).
Greg Morrow: Drums (Pat McLaughlin).
Larry Marrs: Bass (Marty Stuart).
Richard Bennett: Guitars (Steve Earle, Mark Knopfler).
Dan Dugmore: Pedal Steel Guitar (James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Warren Zevon, Glenn Frey).
Anthony Crawford: Background Vocals (Neil Young, Steve Winwood, Dwight Yoakam).
Gary Ogan: Harmony Vocals (Leon Russell).
Tammy Rogers: Strings (Steeldrivers, Patty Loveless).
Allison Moorer: Background Vocals (Steve Earle, Shelby Lynne).
Pat Bergeson: Harps (Chet Atkins, Lyle Lovett, Wynonna).

Big Gates
(John Bunzow)

Open up the big gates honey
Turn the key
Let ‘em swing wide open
I’m gonna set you free
Don’t keep your feelins’
Locked up anymore
Open up the big gates
I’m right outside your door

You think you’re the only
To have a broken heart
You want the world to weep for you
While you sit there in the dark
Ever since he done you wrong
You’ve had your curtains drawn
Livin’ in the shadows way too long


Brick by brick
You built a wall
To hide behind
There’s such a big old world
On the other side
Let me show you ‘round a bit
You might even learn to like it
Come see all that you’ve missed


How Far Is Crazy From Here
(John Bunzow and Sheila Stephen)

Hey bartender just keep fillin’ my glass
I came home from work
She had my suitcases packed
It sure sent me reelin’
Now everything’s so out of place
Where does a man go to stay
When his life unravels this wayIt might be a mile away or across the state line
It could be down at the corner of Main Street and Vine
All of this wondrin’ is drivin’ me out of my mind
I’m getting closer I know that I’m near
How far is crazy
How far is crazy from here

I’ll have one more double
Then you can call me a cab
I need to get so far gone
I’ll never get back
These thoughts in my head
Are spinnin’ out of control
Cab driver leave your meter on
I’m not really sure where I’m goin’


Maybe a greyhound bus will take me there
Far from her mem’ry hey can you tell me
How far is crazy from here


One Way Track
(John Bunzow)

My life is an empty space
Without her by my side
I keep tryin’ to escape
But she’s always on my mind
‘Round each bend there’s sorrow
Heading right towards me
I need to reach tomorrow
Beyond her memory

Moving fast as I can
To get past where I’m at
Feelings racing headlong
Through a tunnel so black
Down the wrong way on a one way track

My thoughts keep on roamin’ back
Winding through memories
Hard to keep my mind intact
Colliding with reality
Gotta turn this life around
Face the fact she’s gone
I know my heart is ready now
To jump this track I’m on



“Love working with John. Very soulful musician and songwriter. Do yourself a favor and check out his records”

Dan Dugmore

(James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Warren Zevon)

“Done a lot of gigs and sessions with JB over the years. John’s a triple threat. A gifted singer, songwriter and picker. One of the best.”

Anthony Crawford

(Member of Neil Young’s The International Harvesters, Steve Winwood, Dwight Yoakam)

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